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Since I saw the documentaries of Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente in my childhood, I was very clear about my vocation, it has not been easy, but today I combine my work as a professor of zoology at the University of Córdoba with the making of nature documentaries. The relationship between the two professions is increasingly synergistic. Even recording techniques are now helping me to develop my research work more than ever, being able to discover exciting aspects of the behavior of animals.
I hope you enjoy my work, they are made with a single goal: to convey a feeling of deep love and respect for my environment.
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Other documentaries

Priego through its butterflies

Thanks to the pollen contained in archaeological sites, we can make this trip back in time. History and environment go hand in hand in this documentary


In this section we will show our works that do not belong to series.


Finalist XXVII INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL OF SCIENTIFIC FILM. Series Discovering Animal Behavior and "Daring Moths". Round

Finalist XV SCIENCE IN ACTION. Series "Discovering Animal Behavior" and "Bear Moths". Barcelona

Finalist JAHORINA FILM FESTIVAL. "Priego Through the Butterflies". Bosnia and Herzegovina.