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Seeing Science

00. Seeing Science Trailer
On 14 March 2013 Premiere in Cordoba of this new documentary series.
01. Achitects of Gold
Gold nanoparticles can be used to help cure diseases like cancer, thanks to researchers that may someday make gold really gets to earn the money we paid for it. +info
02. The Chemistry of Light
Chemistry and light come together to offer a hopeful horizon. Environmentally friendly and energy saving are the main bastions of photocatalysis.
03. The Balance of Life
A journey inside our cells through educational metaphors to show the importance of balance between oxidation and reduction. Molecular mechanisms key to understanding many diseases and even our own aging.
04. Messengers of the Wind
Pollen carried by the wind is not only responsible for many allergies, also serves to predict future harvests and even to anticipate climate change.
05. A Gem of a Bacterium
A group of the Faculty of Sciences of Córdoba has discovered a bacteria in the Guadalquivir River, which is able to eliminate waste cyanide and also produce a biodegradable plastic.
06. Virtual Arqueologist
The Technological University of Honduras is conducting an Augmented Reality application that will allow visitors to the Mayan city of Copan, through their mobile device, performing a unique experience and reliving scenes from the Mayan world today.
07. Coral Caretakers
The research team of Dr. Mark Hay, Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, has found that the diversity of herbivorous fish that eat algae from coral reefs, are crucial for the conservation of these major barriers.
08. Life-Giving Wine
In the University of Cordoba Dr Juan Moreno has discovered a new system to make wine using microcapsules of yeast
09. Bioinspired Systems
Researchers designs complex algorithms to improve our city life inspired in animal who live and move together
10. Fetal EKG
A revolutionary invention allows measure the fetal EKG through the skin of the mother
11. Allies and Enemies
Dr. Hikmate Abriouel and her team work with bacteria that live inside our bodies and can be both beneficial and harmful; this research team is focused on antibiotic resistance.
12. Contamination Sediments
In the south of Spain a research team has developed a new system to evaluate contamination in sediments that allows improve the environmental quality and preserve the biodiversity
13. Smart Soles
A new electronic type of soles can serve to improve the records of the athletes and the quality of life of pregnant women
14. Invasive Algae
Dr Maria Altamirano team study algae of Asparagopsis genus, a dangerous invasive species and brings out the keys to slow its expansion
15. Filtering Microalgae
Some microalgae have the capacity to treat wastewater and researchers are developing systems in order to do at an industrial level
16. Clean Energy
A power supply completely clean and non-polluting is possible and this documentary shows how a team of researchers has managed to develop it and is ready to be installed in homes
17. Star Hunters
Find other planets like ours that might harbour life has always been the great dream of humanity, now researchers are closer than ever to achieve it
18. Bioindicators Mices
00. Trailer Ver la Ciencia 2


Seeing science into images and make it understandable for the general public is the aim of this series of short documentaries showing frontline discoveries in all fields of science and its protagonists.
Premio Finalista ROME DOCSCIENT 2014 4nd International Scientific Film Festival of Universities and Research Authorities.
Finalista ROME DOCSCIENT 2014 4nd International Scientific Film Festival of Universities and Research Authorities.
Premio Finalista SREM FILM FESTIVAL 2014  “Una Joya de Bacteria”. Serbia
Finalista SREM FILM FESTIVAL 2014 “Una Joya de Bacteria”. Serbia

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