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28. Lunchtime, kids!
Communication between parents and children varies depending on the species. Dr. Jiri Porket studies this communication at the redstart that inhabits coniferous forests of the Czech Republic, deciphering how the distribution of food in the nest.
29. Family Secrets
"Family living is a critical social system that facilitates the evolution of cooperative breeding. Dr. Michael Griesser studies the benefits of family living in Siberian jays in Northern Sweden, where offspring remain prolonged with their parents and benefit from antipredator protection and social learning opportunities."

Who are we?

When I saw the documentaries of Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente in my childhood, my calling became clear to me; it hasn’t been easy, but today I combine my job as Professor of Zoology at the University of Cordoba with the production of nature documentaries. The relationship between the two professions is increasingly synergistic – to the point that filming techniques are serving me now more than ever to carry out my research, enabling me to discover fascinating aspects of animal behavior.
I handle the work ranging from scriptwriter to cameraman, right on through to the final editing of the documentary, and in this sometimes very long and challenging process, I find the fullest realization of my vocation. I hope you enjoy my works, which have been created with only one goal in mind: to transmit a feeling of deep love and respect for my surroundings.

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As we have traveled in many areas of the world, we have an extensive image bank, specializing in the fields of nature and science.
If you would like, you can download a pdf file in which you can consult the images available.

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